Samehada: Kisame Hoshigaki's Deadly Weapon In Naruto

If you like Naruto Shippuden's TV show, you may already know Kisame Hoshigaki. He is one of the strongest and cruelest Akatsuki members. The Akatsuki is a group of criminals who want to catch the nine-tailed beasts for the wrong reasons.

The Samehada is one of Naruto's most dangerous and mysterious weapons. It was an essential part of many stories in the huge Shinobi world because it was a sentient sword that could take an opponent's chakra. 

Samehada has been a mystery, even though its powers have been used in scary ways. It was first shown being used by members of the deadly Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, and it has only made a few entries in the next-generation Boruto series.

But who is Kisame Hoshigaki, and why is he such a dangerous enemy? This article will discuss his past, personality, skills, and part of the Naruto Shippuden story. Let's explore the world of the Monster of the Hidden Mist!

Who Was Kisame Hoshigaki?

Kisame Hoshigaki was born in the Land of Water, in the ninja community known as Hidden Mist community. He was from the Hoshigaki clan, which had deep blue skin, gills, and sharp teeth. They looked like sharks.

Kisame was a genius. At age 10, he graduated from the Ninja Academy and joined the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, a group of elite warriors who fought with unique and powerful swords.

When Kisame wielded Samehada, his sword, it would take chakra from its enemies and give it to the person who was wielding it. Samehada was only loyal to Kisame and would turn down anyone else who tried to use it. Kisame and Samehada were very close, and he called his sword his friend.

But Kisame was a good soldier for the Hidden Mist Village until he discovered the dark truth about his job. He found out that Fuguki Suikazan, his boss, was a traitor who gave information to countries at odds with Japan.

History of Samehada and How it Became the Famous Kisame Sword

According to historical records, Fuguki Suikazan, who used to be a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, used to own Samehada. Ultimately, Mangetsu Hōzuki used it on his quest to learn all seven types of swordsmanship. After killing Fuguki with Kisame Hoshigaki, Kisame took Samehada as his own.

Kisame, known as the "Tailed Beast without a Tail," kept using Samehada as a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, showing that he had a close connection with the intelligent sword. Kisame was Still Samehada's master even after he left the town and became a renegade ninja.

Samehada Use in Nurato and Impact on the Storyline

The Samehada first showed up in Naruto with Kisame and his partner Itachi Uchiha, shortly after Orochimaru's failed attack on the Hidden Leaf Village. Naruto was on an adventure with Jiraiya, but Itachi and Kisame caught him in a motel. 

As Naruto got Kurama's chakra ready for an attack, Kisame swung the Samehada at it and ate it immediately. Naruto couldn't do any jutsu after this, and Kisame said that Samehada could eat any chakra and make the opponent powerless. In a previous fight, Kisame had only used the Samehada's tip to cut Asuma Sarutobi's arm up, not showing that the Samehada could eat chakra.

Samehada's biggest fight was with Killer Bee, which finally showed what kind of powerful being it was. With the Ox's chakra, Bee could use very powerful biju cloaks, but Kisame (the white Zetsu Kisame) was able to take it all with the Samehada and make it bigger. 

After the fight, Kisame sneaked into Samehada's Hidden Cloud Village. Later, during a fierce battle, he merged with the village to gain immense power. Might Guy and the other Leaf ninjas be amazed that Kisame could even fix fatal wounds with Samehada's blocked chakra? Kisame seemed impossible to hurt when Samehada was with him.

After Kisame really died, Killer Bee took the Samehada as his own and used it in the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Few other ninjas could have shown they were worthy of that great and unique sword.

How Does Samehada Look Like?

People say Samehada is about the same size as the vast Kubikiribōchō sword. It's built uniquely; instead of a solid blade, it has hundreds of shark scales facing downward and running the sword's length up to the handle.

Covered in bandages, the scales are very close to each other. But as Samehada takes in more chakra, the scales get longer and spread out, making them look like shark fins. Additionally, its "mouth" at the blade's end becomes more noticeable, showing teeth. Keeping it wrapped helps stop its growth from using up too much chakra.

Under the scales, there is a small skull design on the handle. In general, Samehada's shape looks like the skin of a shark. That it looks scary and shows that it is a predator seems to be intentional.

The Unique Sentience of Samehada

Chakra Absorption

The most terrifying thing about Samehada is that it can absorb chakra from its enemies' skin when it touches them. CuttingCutting enemies drains their chi right away, making ninjutsu useless. Samehada chooses jinchūriki like Killer B, which has a lot of chakras and can quickly drain all tailed beast forms. 

Samehada soaks up chakras during battles, which can later be used to boost the user's strength or heal serious wounds. This mutually beneficial process lets Kisame and others fight for long periods without getting tired. Furthermore, Samehada grows bigger as it uses more chakra. 

Fusion Capabilities

Samehada can deepen its relationship with a user through partial or complete fusion. He became much stronger after merging with Kisame, and he got shark-like features like fins and webbing to help him move better. 

Kisame also got Samehada's ability to project spikes from his body and receive chakra when they touch something. This fusion turned Kisame into a natural force almost impossible to beat. In situations where the wielder isn't skilled enough, Samehada could fiercely fuse to overpower them.

Distinctive Techniques

The Bloody Mist Absorption and the Water Prison Shark Dance are two methods unique to people who use the Samehada. In Boruto, the rebellious New Seven Swordsmen briefly give Samehada to Shizuma Hoshigaki. 

He tries to control its skills but fails, and Samehada takes over. Once Samehada takes enough chakra from Shizuma, he returns to Kirigakure's control. Samehada grows into a powerful and dangerous Shinobi blade through its many appearances in Naruto and Boruto. 

The Bottom Line

To sum up, Samehada isn't just a weapon; it's a character in and of itself, giving Kisame more depth and affecting how the Naruto story goes forward. Samehada is a famous weapon in Naruto and anime because of its unique traits and connection to Kisame. 

Anime stories are very creative, and even something as simple as a sword can significantly affect how a character grows and the story as a whole. As we continue to learn about Naruto and other anime, it is important to understand and enjoy the small details of unique weapons like the Samehada that give these well-known stories more depth, mystery, and excitement.