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If you want a functional sword at an affordable price, this Is the blade for you. This is the only sword I own from this seller, but from what I can tell, most of their swords are very well made. It came sharp enough to cut paper.As far as looks go, the sword is beautiful.There is a nice finish to the blade, and the saya is a work of art. The handle looks nice as well.

Neil Robertson
Seminole, Florida

This is an amazing katana! Above snd beyond what I was expecting. The blade is beautiful and very sharp.It’s well crafted also. The sheathe is made entirely of wood. Like real wood! Not that fake plastic wood stuff. The hilt is beautiful, the handle is rugged as hell. Like you can swing it and you won’t feel anything moving or like it’s fragile.

Guy Clunie
Newport Beach, California

I was very impressed with the quality of this sword. It was well made with no warping of the blade and beautifully balanced. The maker used quality materials. It was also very well packed for shipping with a protective layer of oil over the blade. I bought this for my son as a gift and I know he will be thrilled. As a serious sword collector he is getting a exceptional sword for a fraction of the cost.

andrew averill
Kodak, Tennessee

My first handmade sword, and I was very impressed by the level of quality. It is solid and lighter than it looks.A visually striking sword, with sturdy fittings.
it's one of the nicer Katanas you will find in this price range and I'm very pleased with my purchase.the koshirae is beautiful, the wrappings are tight precise, and everything feels genuine.the blade itself has been heat treated.

Thomas Ainsworth
Shelton, Washington

The katana arrived well packaged to keep it from getting banged around during shipping. The sword was exactly as advertised. Beautiful sword very sharp and well made.I found the tsuka to be extremely well wrapped. The sword itself is quite sharp, I was pleasantly surprised by the art work on the saya, I was not expecting that at all.

Jacob Hardwick-thwaites

Great sword with expert craftmanship I would definitely recommend buying from this seller the sword arrived directory on time and is made great. Came sharp and coated with blade oil to preserve the blade. Overall a great sword. This blade is the real deal so glad I purchased at the price.

Hayley Morton
Castor, Louisiana

The mirror polished blade is flawless and extra beautiful because of the solid base without a bo-hi or groove.The midnight blue tsuka-ito and saya really makes it stand out and impress your other sword-enthusiasts.highly reccomend!

Michael Holland
Madison, Wisconsin

I just received this last night, the item was very well packaged and it looked even better then I thought it would. I'm so excited to give this to my friend on his birthday. Tested the blade as well, it was very sharp and not too heavy. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. this was a gift a very happy person received, but remember the sword is real and very sharp.

Layna Tycksen
Chicago, Illinois

The balance is almost as accurate as a $5-10k sword (very close to perfect), and the ornate detailed scroll work make this a truly superb buy.This is the best that you will find in this modest price range. I am interested to see how it will hold up to usage, but I am very optimistic, and will definitely be purchasing other pieces from this company.

Brooke Kaszynski
Charlotte, North Carolina

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We have a full range of Japanese style Samurai Katana Swords. We have been offering high quality Japanese Style Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto internationally with wholesale and retail price. All the swords are fully handmade and functional.

All our swords come sharpened and full tang blade entitle "practical" means functional.It can be used for cutting practice.Fox example cutting Straw mats and bamboos.Must Be 18 Years of Age Or Older to Purchase and Practice.

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