Rebellion Sword: Dante's Signature Weapon In Devil May Cry

Evolved from the production idea of Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry is one of the most popular game series ever. Ultimately, Resident Evil 2 would be very different from the first game, and Hideki Kamiya created the masterpiece “Devil May Cry” to improve the business. 

It's been more than 20 years, and Devil May Cry has grown into six games and many other forms of media. The game introduced various characters including Dante and his famous weapon “Rebellion.” The Rebellion DMC Sword is important to his identity and what he can do.

Dante from Devil May Cry is a modern video game hero with a strong reputation outside the series. There's a lot about this demon slayer that people would be shocked to learn. So, here we are with a detailed article about Dante and its Rebellion sword in DMC.  

History of Rebellion Sword in Devil May Cry

The Rebellion Sword has a long background in Devil May Cry. Dante's father, the famous dark knight Sparda, gave it to him as a gift. Originally a worker of the underworld, Sparda rose against his fellow demons to protect people, and he taught Dante about this in the form of the Rebellion. 

So, this weapon isn't just a tool for Dante; it's also a reminder of the duty he received to protect the world of people. People usually think of Dante as carefree and sure of himself, and he often makes light of important situations with a quick joke. 

Even though he acts carelessly, Dante has a strong sense of right and wrong and is determined to eliminate devils. Although his character grows and changes throughout the series, he always stays committed to saving people.

Appearance and Characteristics of Rebellion Sword

It's a huge longsword with a heavy blade with two edges and notches on both sides near the tip. The pommel is just one spike as it sleeps, but when it wakes up, it splits into several. The grip is simple, but the guard is skeletal, with a skull design on each side that leads to the rib cage where the blade comes out. 

The skull on one side of the blade is human, and the skull on the other is a devil with horns. If Dante's blood wakes up the sword, the crossguard folds in against the ribs at first, but it expands, and the skull changes into a screaming skull.

Rebellion got a slight makeover in Devil May Cry 5. The grip has knitted patterns, the quills are smaller and have a small bend, and both the skull and the quillions have flowing designs. The skull on the "demon" side now has horns coming out of its eyes. 

The sternum is no longer a ring around the blade; it is now just a raised part. The blade goes back to the guard. The blade also has swirling patterns resembling pattern-welded "Damascus" steel. The pattern is darker and easier to see on the "demon" side, and the blade has a small rainbow-coloured shine.

Powers of Rebellion Sword in Devil May Cry

Rebellion is a magical sword that is incredibly strong. The Sparda gives it power and is sharp enough to cut the Savior's skin. It is also one of the most durable things in the series. The space-cutting blade Yamato and a straight punch from the Savior have both been able to damage it. 

Even though it was strong, the blade couldn't withstand a solid hit from Urizen. It broke, with only the hilt and guard remaining whole. Dante's blood stirs up Rebellion, but Dante's hidden power has to be awake for the blood to work. 

In the manga, Dante's dormant evil powers briefly return to life, and his blood changes Rebellion. However, when Dante's powers return to sleep, so does Rebellion.

Rebellion Sword in the Gameplay of Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry 2

In Devil May Cry 2, Dante's usual sword is Rebellion. The character brought the Rebellion DMC sword on his mission of Vie de Marli. It has the same moves as his other two swords, Vendetta and Merciless. Like his other two swords, Dante's Devil Trigger lets him boost Rebellion's power and use moves like Million Stab and Round Trip.

Devil May Cry 3

The Rebellion weapon in Devil May Cry 3 has its own combinations. It has an Air Hike-buyable Stinger and a full Devil May Cry-style Stinger instead of Devil May Cry 2's stationary one. The new charge move, "Drive," unleashes a powerful projectile that damages and knocks foes down. 

Swordmaster Style gives Dante new moves for Rebellion, including Aerial Rave, which lets him perform a four-hit aerial juggle combo instead of Helm Breaker, and Prop Shredder, which enables him to perform two buzzsaw-like sword spins, the first of which can launch enemies into the air. 

As the player levels up to Swordmaster, Dante learns Sword Pierce, a maneuver similar to Round Trip where he throws his sword directly into an enemy, dealing damage over time while he can conduct unarmed strikes or switch weapons. 

Unlike Round Trip, manually recalling the sword is possible. Dance Macabre concludes with a long combo that can culminate in a Million Stab or Crazy Combo into a pole dance routine where Dante spins his sword and slashes.

Devil May Cry 4

Rebellion has a bigger range of combos in Devil May Cry 4. As with the swords in the first game, Million Stab is no longer a Crazy Combo. Instead, it is the normal ending of Combo B and a hold action from Stinger. Dante can now use Drive in a "quick" way and improve it to the three-hit Overdrive. 

With his Devil Trigger, Dante can make Rebellion's hits stronger and more accurate. It also changes the way moves like Stinger work in big ways. Round Trip comes back instead of Sword Pierce, but it can be used faster and called back by hand at any time, just like Sword Pierce.

The beginning of Dance Macabre is the same, but it doesn't end with a Crazy Combo. Instead, after the Million Stab, Dante automatically ends by swinging his sword upwards and hitting the enemy like he's throwing a baseball bat.

Devil May Cry 5

In Devil May Cry 5, Dante only uses Rebellion in his first mission. However, it has the same moves as Sparda, and any skills bought for it cross over. 

They can choose Rebellion, Sparda, or Devil Sword Dante as their sword after the game ends, but they can only change their mind after going to a store. An "Irregular Full Custom" skill will allow Dante to use all three swords simultaneously, and he beats the Son of Sparda level.

Impact of the Rebellion Sword on Pop Culture

The Rebellion Sword impacts more than just the Devil May Cry series. Anime and manga fans have seen it in other works, and it has become a popular collectible among cosplayers. 

Because of the sword's unique shape and the series' success, it has become an iconic piece of video game art. Fans still talk about and respect its history, design, and abilities, which helps the series stay popular.

The Bottom Line

The Rebellion Sword is more than a mere weapon; it symbolizes Dante's fight against his demon roots and his desire to protect people. He uses it to do his job and sees it as an icon in video games. 

The Rebellion DMC Sword has made a lasting impression on the Devil May Cry series and pop culture in general. It shows how a weapon can become necessary to a character's personality and the story.